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Secure & Robust

State-of-the-art decentralized architecture. One of our main concerns was to ensure that security and privacy provided by SOLAR dVPN would be reliable beyond a doubt.

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Bypass Restrictions

Internet is all about freedom. SOLAR dVPN allows you to easily bypass any regional or dictatorship government restrictions (e.g. in Russia, China, Turkmenistan or Belarus).

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Swift & Rapid

A VPN has to be as fast as it is secure. SOLAR dVPN enhances your online safety by using advanced protocols that do not impact the speed and reliability of your Internet connection.

Swift & Rapid — Icon

Straight to Web 3.0

SOLAR dVPN supports Handshake DNS — decentralized, permissionless naming protocol where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root DNS naming zone.

Explore SOLAR dVPN Features

Unlike classic VPN services, SOLAR dVPN comes with many additional built-in privacy & security features.

Automatic Censorship Circumvention

Even if SOLAR dVPN servers are blocked in your country, the application will still automatically find a way to bypass the restriction.

Advanced Undetectable Protocols

SOLAR dVPN uses unique VPN protocols that can disguise your secure connection as other types of activity. This helps hide the fact that you are using a VPN.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

SOLAR dVPN generates a new pair of encryption keys each time you connect, keeping history of your online activity secure even if someone gets access to your device in the future.

Strict No-Logs Policy

SOLAR dVPN doesn't store your browsing history or any other information about your online activity. Also, SOLAR Labs never shares any of your information with 3rd parties.

Unlimited Bandwidth

SOLAR dVPN does not limit in any way the amount of data you can transfer over a VPN connection. Enjoy your favorite movies, games, and music without worrying about limitations.

Always-On Connection

SOLAR dVPN keeps the connection active and automatically reconnects if the connection is lost. Stay with your VPN enabled even when there is poor cellular coverage.